SQL Ledger REST API Design

by vreinok, Thursday, December 22, 2022, 14:42 (96 days ago) @ Armaghan Saqib

Hi Armaghan,

We would appreciate if you could answer the API source code design question.


I believe Sebastian is a very good person to work with as he has the best understanding what is needed by the business and his technical expertise is good enough to close the gap for development communication. I believe he is the right person to support further development of the SQL Ledger.


Regarding the client technology that we would use to consume the API.
Most probably 100% of the API would be consumed by server side code, so Java. Why? we would need to apply additional authentication and authorisation cross cutting concerns. Also we would in most cases would need to do a response post-enchantment.
In Java one could could consume anything really. We are consuming the SQL Ledger HTML responses at the moment. It is definably not the best approach adn has too many shortcomings. Perhaps could be something that would motivate us to move away fro using SQL ledger.
What we would like to do is work with standards, to avoid many issues in the future that come with manual impl. and not API first development approach.

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